Over 70 years alongside our customers

Angelo Podestà srl, thanks to the partnership with companies of worldwide importance, offers a wide range of systems. The trust’s relationship established with our brands has guaranteed the possibility of being a point of reference for our customers.

Our stated criteria are quality, innovation and response times also ensuring competitive prices. Our policy is focused on guaranteeing product delivery in terms of quality, quantity and timing. All the above mentioned characteristics have given us the possibility of being primary suppliers both in military and civil/merchant field.

Our products embrace a wide range of possibilities, ranging from military supplies to civil / merchant supplies. In the military sector we supply weapon systems and ammunitions to switch to systems for naval applications, both surface and underwater such as hydro-acoustic systems, radar and navigation systems.

In the civil sector we guarantee the supply of navigation equipment such as: radar, ecdis, gyrocompasses and autopilots and integrated navigation systems. Finally, we are also specializing in the field of security. We can affirm that we are a point of reference for all players on the Italian market, whether they are from the military or civilian fields.


Over 70 years of history at your service

Thanks to the continuous presence on market and many years of experience, unique in Italy to be able to boast, we can understand the needs of our customers both in the military and in the civil / merchant field.


We know what we propose

The close collaboration with our technical department provide a deeper knowledge of the systems also from a technical point of view so we can answer any questions that may come from the customer.


The customer always at the center of attention

Always available for information and clarification even after the sale. Thanks to the collaboration with the technical and after-sales department we are able to maintain high customer satisfaction.


The future begins with us

We push our brands, both military and civilian, to design new products that can meet the increasing demand for innovative solutions desired by the customer, trying to maintain high standards of excellence.



Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH

World-wide supplier of defence and security technology and long-standing partners of the armed forces. It guarantees standards of excellence in various areas: weapon systems, ammunition, infantry equipment, air defense, vehicles and ballistic protections.


Dillon Aero has deployed and supported thousands weapon systems in more than 30 countries. Cutting-edge design, reliability and ease of use. Decades of history and proven performance behind it. Dillon Aero remains committed to building and maintaining the best.


ELAC SONAR is a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of hydroacoustic systems for marine applications. The product portfolio includes SONAR solutions, underwater communication systems, as well as multibeam and navigation echo sounders.


In addition to the wide range of products for military applications suitable for surface ships, Raytheon Anschütz offers a specialized line for submarines. Data management, chart tables, navigation consoles, battery monitoring and 3D government controls.


The research and development department boasts the collaboration with D Cube Srl – Design Develop Defense. An innovative start-up focused mainly on research and development of defence technologies based in Genoa, Italy. Developers of guidance systems for military vehicles, electro-optical suites and underwater systems.


Metravib Defense has developed high-performance surveillance, threat detection and localization solutions for the defense and civil protection sectors. Thanks to its awareness systems it guarantees the security of military personnel.


Simulators designed and developed for any eventuality, any product can be customized according to the needs of the customer both in the defense sector and in the civil market, in terms of hardware, software, system functionality and user interfaces.


Manufacturer of lithium batteries that can provide power in both military and industrial applications where failure is not an option. Innovative lithium polymer’s chemicals products and tailor-made solutions for use with solar cells and fuel cells.


The ESM provides an effective response in the most adverse scenarios. Aware of the severe space restrictions imposed by a submarine, Indra has developed an antenna that allows to perform intelligence tasks on radar signals and communications.


Precision engineering and our proprietary technology enable the development of next generation ammunition. These studies and implementation processes produce a composite-coated cartridge with unparalleled performance.


High-performance propulsion systems for civil and defence applications. The portfolio includes modular charging systems, propellants and cartridge cases for various applications. International leader thanks to an intense collaboration with customers.


SSZ Camouflage Technology AG designs and manufactures products to counter surveillance by the most advanced sensors operating in all relevant spectral ranges. Products developed using all modern multispectral camouflage applications.

CIVILIAN and Merchant

Raytheon Anschutz

Raytheon Anschütz, provides high quality navigation solutions. Anschütz is synonymous with experience and competence in navigation by treating systems such as gyro, autopilots, rudder controls, radar and ecdis and integrated navigation systems.


Our core business is focused on the development and expansion of turbo hydro jet technology (thj®) and individual systems for the fight, prevention and control of major calamitous events such as large fires and toxic clouds

Elac Sonar

Leader in the sale of both single and double frequency echosounders and multibeam sensors, leading supplier of transducers compatible with many other products.


T. Mariotti

Mariotti is part of the Genova Industrie Navali Holding Company, the most important private operator in the shipbuilding sector in Italy: a single interlocutor for the entire shipbuilding sector.

Drass Group

Mariotti is part of the Genova Industrie Navali Holding Company, the most important private operator in the shipbuilding sector in Italy: a single interlocutor for the entire shipbuilding sector.