About us

About us

Angelo Podestà Mission

The company, with a history of more than 70 years, has always been a trusted partner of the largest players in the Italian market, whether military or civilian. Angelo Podestà boasts an organic organization and total synergy between his three different working groups: sales, technical department and research and development department.
The development of these three different sectors has helped to satisfy requests from the Ministry of Defense or from non-military customers.
Specifically, we have supplied or maintained navigation systems, ammunition, night vision systems and weapon systems and we can boast among our customers: Italian Navy, Italian Army, Guardia di Finanza, Italian Air Force, Special Forces, Police and Carabinieri. Many companies of relevant importance, such as Leonardo, Fincantieri or Iveco Defense Vehicles choose Angelo Podestà both as suppliers or as suppliers of products designed and developed by our research and development department.

However, our vocation does not only concern the military sphere: historically we are one of the most important companies for the marketing and maintenance of navigation systems for merchant boats and yachts.

The proven specialization and experience of our departments has allowed us to be partners of the major shipyards in Italy by collaborating in the installation and servicing of integrated navigation systems among the most complex in Italy.
The company aims to be always “one step beyond” to invest more and more resources in the field of innovation in order to play a role of privileged interlocutor for all our customers.

Our history

Angelo Podestà Srl was founded in Genoa in 1946 by Papirio Podestà and since then it has always been managed and owned by the Podestà family, starting with the marketing, installation and maintenance of naval supplies. During the 60’s the company started marketing and assistance in both civil and military naval fields, relying on partnerships with leading foreign companies.
Since 80’s, the Company has also expanded its activities in the terrestrial military sector by enlarging its portfolio of products for navigation, communication and terrestrial vision.
To increase the ability to be an “all around” interlocutor for the Defense Administration, the company during the 2000’s decided to rely on a large ammunition company and began to be a primary interface for both the Italian Army and the Italian Navy also in this field.
During the 2000’s, the relationship was also intensified with the Air Force.
Over the years, Angelo Podestà has also decided to focus on the development of its projects and products in order to meet the increasing demand for innovation from the military sector.
A company branch dedicated to R&D was created and it was decided to collaborate with DCUBE srl for the study and implementation of new products.
Using this collaboration with DCUBE srl and using the Military Research Plans, we finalized the development of some projects of primary importance for the Italian armed forces such as VUHLCAN (guidance system for EI vehicles) or Neptus (developed underwater console in collaboration with Comsubin).



Paolo Podestà
Piero Mantero
Sales Naval/Aero
Gianvittorio Solari
Sales Army/Special forces
Gen. Tiziano Macor
Luca D’Angelo
Sales naval/Paramilitary Naval/Technical dpt Coordinator
Stefano Vajda
Service coordinator Civil dpt
Luca Bussotti
Service coordinator Mil. Dpt
Alessio Cavo
Contract manager