Research & Development

Research & Development

We decided to invest in innovation

In the last decade, Angelo Podestà has decided to invest in research and development and technological innovation.
The company, established a strong collaboration with the Defense Administration and using military research’s funds, developed products that could fulfill the requests of both the Italian Army and Italian Navy.
The company aim was the products development and the growth and maturation of technologies for military applications both nationally and in terms of international cooperation.
A specialized team in collaboration with DCUBE srl, achieved excellent results that range from land products to underwater products also weapon accessory products such as a multispectral viewers.


NEPTUS – Netshared Enabled Processing Tracking Underwater System

The NEPTUS system is a diving console provided to Comsubin. intends to facilitate communication, reciprocal position sharing and navigation of divers engaged in both training or operational activities.

NMTS – Neptus Mission Training Simulator

NMTS project is closely linked to the development of Neptus, and it provides the development of two types of systems. One base station dedicated to simulation in the classroom and the other dedicated to training in the water and the real missions of Comsubin divers.

GAPPI – Guida semi autonoma piattaforma payload indipendente

Gappi is a system that allows the semi-autonomous guidance of underwater platforms through a helmet-mounted display and the management of its payload. The most innovative solutions relating to sensors, real-time video data transmission, encryption by means of symmetrical algorithms and control data transmission have been designed and developed.

HEKTOR’S GUN – Hyperfast Electromagnetic Kinetic Transformed Overpropulsed Round’S Gun

HEKTOR’S Gun, acronym of Hyperfast Electromagnetic to Kinetic Transformed Overpropulsed Round’S Gun, aims to create a device for the further acceleration of projectiles launched from a cannon using the exchange of kinetic energy, pyric origin, and electromagnetic energy, obtaining velocities hypothetically previously unattainable. In order to overcome the intrinsic speed limits of projectiles fired by traditional pyric-powered weapons, it is proposed to exploit an additional source of energy, in addition to the chemical energy generated by the dust explosion, potentially without speed limits: electromagnetism.

SHIVA – Shielding highly Integrated Vehicular Assembly

SHIVA system, acronym of Shielding Highly Integrated Vehicular Assembly, is a protection system against laser designation and counter-sniper, with scalable soft or hard reaction. SHIVA is designed to be hosted on tactical, logistics and combat vehicles.
The Shiva system is equipped with the following sub-assemblies:

  • Laser Warner, gunfire detector, smoke grenade launcher
  • Integrated Protection Manager interface

MAHRS – Multispectral Aiming High Resolution System

MAHRS is an Optronic targeting system studied to equip machine guns and cannons. Compact and flexible system that combines remote vision, controls and power. Remote representation through monocular, binocular and / or display, MAHRS is innovative, integrating the most modern sensory and representation technologies. MAHRS can be installed on vehicles, ships or helicopters, adapting to all operational needs.

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Partnership with DCUBE

In recent years Angelo Podestà started a collaboration with DCUBE (research and development company). This relationship has led to the development and marketing of many of the products mentioned above. The flagship product, the result of this collaboration, is Vuhlcan guidance system.
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VUHLCAN – Vision Under Hatch for Land Carriers Through Assisted Navigation

The VUHLCAN system aims to facilitate the management of ground vehicles in critical operating conditions:

  • driving closed-door combat vehicles for safety reasons due to the possibility of enemy fire or NBC contamination;
  • driving tactical and logistical vehicles during night or in poor visibility