Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Technical Department, a journey to company origins

In addition to the sale of systems and equipment for navigation both in the military and civil sector, Angelo Podestà S.r.l. takes care of their installation and subsequent maintenance. The company began its long journey starting from the activities carried the technical department out.

Following for years  the roadmap the commercial management indicated, the technical assistance department has over the years intensified its relationship with the historical customers.

The technical department can be divided into three large areas: Military, Civilian / Merchant and Laboratory.

Long-time experience

Over 70 years of history at your service

The company began its long journey through the activities carried out by the technical department, starting from the maintenance of navigation systems up to more complex systems such as periscopes or sonar.

Qualified personnel

Frequent and constant training

Our technicians are constantly updated through frequent training courses at the manufacturers’ facilities. In some cases, based on the specific requests of the customer, our staff can provide ad hoc courses.

Spare parts always available

Reduced delivery time

In order to ensure a prompt customer service, spare parts are immediately available in stock. In order to reduce delivery time and ensuring fast and positive resolution of any failure.

Guaranteed assistance

Coverage of the entire national territory

Our technical service guarantees assistance throughout the country. We reach you wherever you are with promptness and speed, ensuring maximum flexibility and professionalism.

MIL Department

Installations and maintenance for the Defense Administration through the collaboration with companies such as Fincantieri,Leonardo and Iveco. We are the first service providers on U212 class submarines (periscopes, ESM system, Combat system, sonar and underwater telephone).

As for the surface ships we have installed and maintained navigation systems such as gyrocompasses, radar, night vision systems and echo sounders.

Finally, we also manage equipments in the terrestrial military sector, we have been dealing for years with their night vision, warning and navigation systems.

Civilian Department

Historically the first technical assistance department created in the company.
In the commercial / civil naval sector – in particular mega-yachts, cruise ships, cargo ships, oil tankers, etc. – the main products installed by the company are gyrocompasses, autopilots, radars, ECDIS, logs, echosounders, VDRs, thermal imaging cameras, meteorological systems, GPS, communication systems, lighting systems for helicopter landing, integrated entertainment systems, etc.


Our laboratory is equipped with a cleaning room that allows to ensure the maintenance of vision systems provided over the years to customers such as MMI ,EI, Leonardo, Coast Guard and Guardia di Finanza.

We provide valuable technical support to the systems we provide where a deep check out or accurate diagnosys should be necessary.

You can contact us 24 hours a day, by sending your requests using the following channels:


  • Royal Princess (Gyro and rudder control systeme)
  • Regal Princess (Gyro and rudder control system)
  • Mega Yacht Ocean Victory, (Integrated bridg system and TLC)
  • Mega Yacht Lionheart c/o Benetti, (Integrated bridge system and TLC) 
  • NIOT c/o Fincantieri (Indian hydrographic vessell)
  • Coast Guard ship c/o Fincantieri 
  • Mega Yacht Attila c/o San Lorenzo shipyard (Integrated bridge system)
  • Mega Yacht (Rahill, Sea Force One) c/o Matiotti Shipyards
  • Fremm c/o Fincantieri (echosounder, underwater phone9)
  • Naval Law (PPA, LHD, LHS, UNPAV) (echosounder) c/o Fincantieri
  • Algerian Minehunter c/o Intermarine (echosounder, automatic pilot)
  • U212 subamrines 1st and 2nd batch (periscope, ESM system, combat system, echosounder and underwaterphone)
  • Guardia di Finanza (maintenance contract on surveillance system and navigation system)